Morotai Island, “Paradise” for Divers and Travelers

MOROTAI is an island in the Halmahera Islands that has amazing natural and marine charm. Even so beautiful, Morotai Island was dubbed the Maldives of Indonesia. Many travelers fell in love with Morotai Island to make it back again and again.

Like at home

One of them is Riyo Sudjana, a diver and businessman. Yes, he admitted that he could go on holiday 2-3 times to Morotai Island. That’s because Riyo has been fascinated by the beauty of nature and the friendliness of the people.

At first Riyo fell in love with its natural beauty, only then did she fall in love with the hospitality of the Morotai people. Riyo felt that hospitality when she came to Morotai the second time by herself. For almost two weeks he lived and toured Morotai Island – to get to know Morotai Island better, and Riyo felt a match between himself and the character of the Morotai community.

Riyo told me that she could talk “at length” at the homes of local residents who were unfamiliar or new to her. And they themselves do not feel uncomfortable chatting with Riyo – who is actually a migrant. That is what makes Riyo gradually feel comfortable when taking a trip to Morotai Island.

“I am a divers, I have been diving everywhere. Almost all of the Eastern Indonesian diving spots I have tried, such as Labuan Bajo, Raja Ampat, and diving spots in Sulawesi. But nothing makes me feel at home. Only in Morotai I feel right at home, “Riyo said over the telephone, recently.

“If in Morotai, do not be surprised if you pass through a residential community, then you are offered to stop by to just have coffee or chat. The first time, to be honest, I was surprised to be offered a stop over. “How comehave been offered to stop by, youhave you just met you?” I asked myself. But once playing to other areas apparently local residents like to stop by too. And finally I became aware of ‘oh this is because the character of the community (friendly-friendly), “added Riyo.

Each diving spot has its own uniqueness.

While for its natural beauty, Riyo rate Morotai Island is one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. Because Morotai Island has 28 diving spots, each of which has its own uniqueness. Is that, blacktip sharks, ships and used cars of World War II, the currents, coral, to the cave.

Diving on Matita Island, (Photo: Riyo Sudjana)

“Plus, transportation to Morotai is easy. From the airport to the place of lodging, D Aloha Resort, only 10 minutes. If from Halmahera you want to take the ferry just four hours, so you don’t get tired at “If you go diving somewhere else it’s usually more than that. It can be 10 hours. That’s what weusually diver think twice about. Well , there’s an airport here,” explained the former chef.

Until now, Riyo claimed, still likes traveling to Morotai alone. But later he also doubles as a trip planner, where Riyo brings her friends to get to know Morotai Island better. Is that a model, presenter, lawyer, and other professions that have plenty of time for a vacation.

View guarantee

One thing that Riyo promised to her friends when inviting Morotai Island is a view guarantee withspots diving a variety of. According to him, it was not much offered at other tourist destinations. Moreover, tourist attractions in the Morotai Special Economic Zone. Because Jababeka Morotai – as a regional developer – has also provided supporting facilities for travelers, such as resorts and homestays, therefore, it is rarely that refuses Riyo’s offer when he offers a package trip to Morotai.

“From the natural beauty of the underwater, the view is guaranteed. View guarantee. The sea in Morotai is very different. I have been to diving places, ranging from domestic to overseas, such as in Australia.

If on the Morotai Island, diving spots it varies, I want to dive with ‘beautiful’; play with colorful small fish on coral but not deep, there is Morotai on it, or want to play ‘deep’, play on a boat (karam), play on currents are fast or slow, or do you want caving? Everything is there. Do you want to chase a mola or a killer whale? Here are the paths and times, “Riyo added.

In fact, Riyo added, in Morotai there is a 300-meter cluster of corals on Rao-Morotai Island which according to the International NGO Coral Research Institute is older than the coral group in Raja Ampat. It’s just that not many people know.

Diving on various reefs, (Photo: Riyo Sudjana)

“Therefore, I invited many of my friends here to let them know. ‘Just relax, in Morotai there are many choices. So you will not be bored,’ I said. if we want to dive to Banda, for example. When we have finished exploring diving spots there, then we will go home. We can get just one spot. If you can get a lot in Morotai, just choose, “explained Riyo.

 Beyond diving

For those of you who don’t want to dive, Morotai Island is also a fun tourist spot. You will not run out of activity while there. On Morotai Island, you can explore beautiful uninhabited islands. One of them is to Dodola, an iconic destination on the island of Morotai. “There you can relax, take photos, swim on the edge of the island where the water is very clear,” explained Riyo.

Dodola Island, (Photo: Riyo Sudjana)

“Fishing is also one of the activities that fascinate at Morotai. Because you do not necessarily have to go to the sea. Quite 30 minutes was able to tuna that big.

If fishing on the island of Java, it we must out to sea with a 5-6 hour trip. Later, so we can fish, directly into the fish processing at the seaside. More in-fillet flesh, so delicious sashimi really sure if eaten. Fresh really because, “said Riyo .

Fishing in the sea Morotai, (Photo: Riyo Sudjana)

“In Morotai you can also see dolphins from the beach. Where else can it be. Must go to the sea. Must be a joint (money) first. If you want the adrenaline, You can go offroad and tracking to the King’s Waterfall, the cave where the Japanese army used to hide, or enter the forest to look for birds endemic to the islands of Eastern Indonesia, “explained Riyo.

Fishing in the sea Morotai, (Photo: Riyo Sudjana)

According to Riyo, divers or travelers need to try a vacation to Morotai Island – at least once in a lifetime. Because the charm that is presented by Morotai Island is not inferior to Labuan Bajo, Raja Ampat or Bali.

“Many benchmark vote for diving it Labuan Bajo or Raja Ampat, and if you want cheap it was to Bali. But if I say, ‘cobain deh to Morotai’. Labuan Bajo that the current is strong, so just for the diver who got licenses advance.Beginners do not we can. In Morotai, there are diving spots for beginners, for advance too, we can dive in and out of the cave. Enter at a depth of 28 meters and exit at a depth of 32 meters. About the price, Morotai is also friendly, “he said.

The best season in Morotai

What about the best season itself in Morotai? Riyo suggested in March to September. Because this period is the bestseason sea ​​tourismin Morotai.

However, that does not mean that outside the season is not good. It’s just that after September, not all of them are good. “In the best season, all the tourism is good. The sea is calm and the water is clear. While for fishing tuna and big pelagic fish, it is better in September to February, because in that period the waves are strong,” he said.

“How many days should you spend on Morotai? In my opinion, if you are diving, 4-5 days is worth it. We recommend a week. Because for diving to one spot, it takes ‘time to eat’ all day, that is to leave early in the morning, return home in the afternoon. diving, the next day ‘beaten’ diving again, the body ‘fall out’. A week is the minimum, so that the body can rest. If you want to try the ‘land tour’ it only needs to add more days, “concluded Riyo.

If you don’t want to bother to arrange the trip, you can contact D’Aloha Resort, which already has a complete trip package – whether diving, hopping island and various other tours on Morotai Island. D’Aloha will meet your needs wherever your destination choices, ranging from accommodation, transportation, professional guides while in Morotai, to the shuttle to Leo Wattimena Morotai Airport.

One of the rooms provided by D’Aloha Resort, (Photo: Jababeka Morotai)

Until now, more and more travelers are returning to Morotai because of its natural beauty as Riyo felt. Some even bought property there. As for what is usually bought by tourists is usually Falila Loft Studio, a modern apartment with a price of 180 million that can be paid in installments of around 1.5 million per month.

The reason they bought their own apartment so that they no longer need to pay accommodation costs while in Morotai as well as passive income because the apartment can be rented out to the public or tourists. It can even be sold to foreigners because it is in a Special Economic Zone. If you want to find out more about Falila Loft Studio, you can check it at