Drive Adrenaline in Morotai Waters with Shark Scubadiving, Challenging But Fun!

The activity of tourism in the waters of Morotai Island is increasingly excited. Not only white sand and beautiful beaches as well as historical tours, the Special Economic Zone managed by PT Jababeka Morotai also has adrenaline-challenging tourist attractions that are rarely found in other tourist destinations.

Is the “Shark Scubadiving” which invites travelers to dive together with reef sharks in the wild. The types of sharks on Morotai Island include black fin sharks, white fin sharks, gray reef sharks, whale sharks, halmahera walking sharks, hammerhead sharks to bull sharks.

To be able to meet these marine animals, travelers must dive 19 to 21 meters deep under the sea. It is at this depth that dozens of blacktip reef sharks usually swim back and forth.

“This is the largest collection of blackfin sharks I have encountered while diving in Morotai. An unforgettable experience meeting the legendary creatures that inhabit the Morotai sea, “said Paul, one of the researchers from Marine Change who has visited tourist destinations.

To feel the sensation of swimming with sharks, travelers don’t need to worry. Because in this diving spot, there is a dive center that provides a guide for tourists who want to enjoy the thrill of diving in this place. Besides being trained, these guides have also studied the behavior of sharks.

One of the interesting dive points is Mitita Shark Dive Point. Here, divers will be treated to very interesting attractions. They can swim with sharks and take pictures with them.

This activity is indeed inviting divers’ curiosity, so it’s no wonder that more and more tourists are coming to dive and have a closer look at the ruler of the ocean.

This can be seen from the number of divers in Morotai which has increased since 2013. Per year around 400 to 1,000 visitors come to Morotai.

Every year, tourist visits to the island which is also known as the Maldives of Indonesia continue to increase along with better tourism facilities and infrastructure such as ports, tourist boats and dive operators.