About KEK Morotai

Managed by the Jababeka Group which is the first and largest industrial area developer in Indonesia, Morotai island has an area of ​​more than 15,000 hectares and has been determined by the Indonesian government as a tourism Special Economic Zone.

The natural beauty that has not been touched by human hands has made Morotai Island very strategic for the development of tourism industries and other supporting industries. The beauty of Morotai beach which has waves that make it possible to surf, plus white sand and the beauty of coral reefs on the seabed for diving and snorkeling by the sea which is rumored to be clearer than Raja Ampat makes Morotai one of the most attractive tourist destinations to be visited by local and international tourists.

With full support from the government and Jababeka’s vision to create 100 cities in Indonesia, the process of collaboration with various local and foreign investors to develop Morotai to become an international tourism area continues. Many parties are in the process of negotiating to work together. As a Special Economic Zone, Morotai has various investment facilities such as various tax breaks, property ownership permits and residence permits for foreigners, as well as various other investment incentives.

With various facilities for investors and foreigners and supported by living costs which are still relatively cheap compared to other islands in Indonesia, as well as untouched natural beauty, besides having tourism potential, Morotai is a very potential area for business development to take advantage of potential the Eastern Indonesia market as well as a residential location for locals and expatriates from all over the world.


Square Kilometers


of Forest Area






Area Industry



148.473 Tons/Year

Fish Production

Benefit of Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

In order to accelerate national economic development the Indonesian government established a Special Economic Zone that has geoeconomic and geostrategic advantages to maximize industrial activities, exports, imports, tourism and other high-value economic activities. For this reason, the Indonesian government provides facilities and facilities in the form of taxation, customs, excise, goods traffic, employment, immigration, land, licensing and non-licensing.
which include:

• Ease of one-door licensing process with a time priority that is faster than non-SEZ areas
• Reduction of corporate income tax between 20 to 100% for periods of 5 to 25 years (for investors)
• VAT free and BM VAT
• Suspension of import duty, excise duty, free import tax
• Returning VAT to foreign tourists
• VAT-free BM for the purchase of residential / residential
• Reduction of regional taxes / levies by 50% to 100%
• Limited stay permits for foreigners for 5 years and can be extended to 15 years
• Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners working in SEZs with certain investment values
• Permanent residence permit for foreigners who are elderly
• Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners who have a house or occupancy in the Tourism SEZ
• 30-year HGB with an extension of up to 80 years
• Use rights of 25 years and can be extended to 70 years
• Ownership rights of a flat housing unit over rights to use
• etc

How to Reach

Local Flight

Currently Morotai can be accessed by plane from Ternate Airport to Pitu Morotai Airport in 45 minutes so that everyone who wants to go to Morotai must depart from Ternate. Some alternative flights that can be taken include:

o Jakarta (International Airport)> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai
o jakarta (International Airport> Manado> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai
o Surabaya (International Airport)> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai
o Yogyakarta (International Airport)> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai
o Denpasar (International Airport)> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai
o Medan> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai

International Flight

o Hongkong (International Airport)> Bali> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai
o Bali (International Airport> Ternate> (45 minutes) Morotai

Chartered Flight Direct

Direct flight is also being progressed using Direct Chartered Flight in collaboration with Garuda or Citilink, for Jakarta-Morotai direct flights, Japan-Morotai or China-Morotai. Jakarta morotai Sriwijaya.

Bandara Internasional Pitu (On Progress)

Pitu Morotai Airport which is a relic of World War II airport is currently being developed to become an international airport with a target of operations in 2019. When operated, it only takes 3-4 hours to reach from major cities in ASEAN such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei , Darwin, Bali, Tokyo, Jakarta, Singapore and Seoul.

About Jababeka

PT Jababeka Tbk was established in 1989 and is the first publicly listed industrial estate developer in Indonesia, being listed on the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange in 1994.

We are a leading fully integrated industry-based township developer in Indonesia, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Our core business is developing industry-based real estate, supported and enhanced by infrastructure and township management services. Our business model is to develop industrial real estate sites in a manner which builds a critical mass at each site and allows us to offer and enhance our complementary commercial and residential real estate development as well as our infrastructure and estate management services; thereby creating an industry-based township.

We offer a wide range of industrial real estate and complementary infrastructure and estate management services which we believe are attractive to businesses engaged in light, medium and heavy industries. We also develop commercial and residential real estate as part of our integrated industry-based township development. Our flagship industry-based township, Kota Jababeka, in Cikarang, is strategically located 35 kilometers east of Jakarta along the Bekasi-Cikampek corridor, which connects Jakarta and Bandung. We recently expanded our presence in Kota Jababeka with a new mixed-use commercial development, as part of a joint venture with PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk. We are also developing an integrated township in Tanjung Lesung that caters to the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries. Tanjung Lesung, which enjoys special economic zone status, lies approximately 170 kilometers southwest of Jakarta. In addition to these estates, land acquisition is ongoing in the Kendal Regency of Central Java, which is approximately 450 kilometers east of Jakarta, as part of a joint venture with SembCorp to develop an industry-based township. We have begun initial sales and infrastructure development for Kendal Industrial Park – Park by the Bay.