D’Aloha Resort was built by PT Jababeka so it is known by the public as Jababeka Resort. This resort is located in Tanjung Dehegila, Morotai Island. The location of this resort is very strategic because it is on the beach and is one of the best locations to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

In this resort consists of VIP Villas with a capacity of 2 devices and 1 device. Currently there are about 25 units of cottage. There is also a restaurant in this resort that can accommodate 300 people with a dish menu both local and international. Each facility has air conditioning, TV, with hot shower.

It can be said this resort is the best lodging on Morotai Island today. Address of this resort: Jln. Tanjung Dehegila, Juanga Village, District of South Morotai. The resort is very close to Daruba City.




As an island in a location far from pollution, a lot of delicious regional specialties are available to try, of course, are seafood and other special other local foods  to explore such as Popeda, Nasi Jaha, Waji Cakes, ue Halua Kacang, etc.