tourist attraction

Dodola Island

Dodola Island is located on the west side of Morotai Island. The beauty of Dodola Island is worthy of being called heaven. The island consists of large Dodola Island and small Dodola where the two islands are separated at high tide and are reconnected to white sand when the tide recedes. The beauty of this uninhabited island will bring you to your knees.

Pulau Kolorai

This island is known as one of the places that has a tourist village. On this island you can see the activities of the local community and get to know their daily lives. Besides that on this island there are also beautiful beaches, from this island you can also see Dodola Island directly

Tanjung Gorango

Tanjung Gorango, which is located between Gorua and Korago villages, will make you amazed by its beauty. Tanjung Gorango landscape, blue sea and white sand will make you feel at home to linger for its beauty.

Pulau Kokoya

Kokoya Island is surrounded by white sand and coral reefs which are very indulgent to the eyes. Sports snorkeling is the main activity for those of you who like the beauty of the underwater.

Pulau Tabailenge

Tabailengi Island is near the Bere Bere Village in the eastern part of Morotai Island. The island is also filled with white sand on the coast that will make you feel at home for a long time