Morotai Island has world class tourist charm. because, this island there are remnants of World War II to become historical tourism and the island of Moruda Juda has beautiful beaches and maritime waters with 24 diving spots and 5 exotic islands.

Morotai Island is the name of the island located in the islands of North Maluku, Indonesia’s foremost island facing the Pacific Ocean. Its strategic location, making Morotai Island a struggle between the Allies and Japan in World War II Impact, Morotai Island holds a lot of relics of war being there – both in the ocean and on land – and become one of the tourist attractions.

On Morotai Island, you can trace World War II, such as going to the statue of General Mc Arthur, where he arranged the strategy to take Morotai from Japan, the place to launch atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and come to the World War II self-supporting Museum for see the weapons used during the war.

Morotai Island is also blessed with amazing natural and marine beauty. The beaches are white-sandy beaches, blue-patterned beach water, and the water is clear, almost to be found on Morotai Island and small islands around it, such as Dodola Island. Zum-zum, and Ngele-ngele.

Snorkeling and diving tours are also available on Morotai Island There are 28 diving spots that have their own beauty.

Diving here as if you will be taken to trace into the war of World War I In the sea you will see the wreck of a Jeep Witlys combat vehicle Bristol Beaufort fighter aircraft that is used by the Allies, and of course a variety of coral reefs and various colors of fish This is what makes Morotal Island worthy called destinast which serves world-class tourism Not to forget the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya to mention that Morotal Island became the 10 best tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Special Economic Zone

Morotai Island as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) provides many benefits, such as Permanent Stay Permits for foreign nationals, can buy property without a certain minimum limit and on their own behalf as well as various other tax incentives.

The Government of Indonesia established Morotai Island as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) in 2014 through Government Regulation No. 50 of 2014. That is, the government will make Morotai Island a priority tourism for accelerated development. So that investment and the business sector that enters there will receive incentive support from the government.

It also includes foreign nationals who will invest. Many incentives – the benefits of which cannot be found other than here – such as:

  • property without certain minimum limits
    Property (land or residential) purchases can be in the name of a foreign citizen.
  • Reduction of corporate income tax between 20 to 100% for a period of 5 to 25 years (for investors).
  • BM VAT Free.
  • Suspension of import duty, exemption from excise, exemption from import tax.
  • VAT refunds to foreign tourists.
  • Free BM PPN for residential / residential purchases.
  • Reduction of local taxes / levies by 50% to 100%.
  • Limited Stay Permit for foreign residents for 5 years and can be extended for up to 15 years.
  • Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners working in KEK with a certain investment value.
  • Permanent Stay Permits for elderly foreign citizens.
  • Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners who have a home or residence in the SEZ Tourism.

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In 2016 the Indonesian government set Morotai Island to be one of the 10 “New Bali” destinations. That is, the government will promote and build integrated facilities on the island of Morotai to Morotai Island crowded tourists and investors.

After establishing Morotai Island as a Special Economic Zone in 2014, in 2016 the Indonesian government designated Morotai Island as one of the 10 main tourist destinations in Indonesia to become 10 ‘New Bali’. That is, various facilities will be made to pamper tourists until Morotai Island can become a bustling tourist area.

For example, accessibility to Morotai Island is being accelerated so that tourists can easily go to Morotai Island. After Wings Air was present, it provided direct flights every day to Morotai Island from domestic and foreign countries, following the Citilink airline, which presented a new route, namely Bali-Morotai Island. The hope, hopefully with this new route makes it easier for tourists in Bali to travel to Morotai Island.

In addition, the meaning of 10 Bali Baru is that the government – both central and regional – is committed to promoting outside and domestic so Morotai Island can be crowded with tourists. So that businesses or investors who open businesses or buy property here can reap huge profits in the future.

It is very possible that the Morotai Island SEZ is still in the development stage, where land and building prices are still relatively cheap. Then, because there is a factor of government support that continues to help Morotai Island to succeed. Imagine, if Morotai Island was already crowded by tourists like in Bali – as the government wanted from the 10 New Bali project – the price of land and buildings could jump more than 100 percent.

Or, at least – in the short term – you can benefit from the annual increase in land and building prices. That is because the Morotai Island Regency always makes annual festivals to attract tourists to come, such as the Morotai Festival, Cultural Festival, Coastal Village Festival, Dodola Island Festival, and World War II Trail Festival.

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Falila Loft Studio is a modern apartment with an area of 17.5 M2. With a minimalist design and strategic location, this apartment is sold at only 180 million.

Incomplete beauty of the beach without being equipped with a comfortable residence nearby. Therefore, an apartment, Falila Loft Studio was made. This apartment has an area of 17.5 M2 which can be used as a residence or purchased as a profit sharing system.

In terms of design, this minimalist style apartment will make you comfortable to linger there. So, you can use this apartment as a place to stay while on vacation, or be a cash machine that will add to your monthly income.

The price of Falila Loft Studio apartments is 180 million rupiah. In stage 1, Falila Loft Studio apartments build 80 units, and 50 percent of the total units have been sold out!


Jababeka Morotai as the developer and manager of Morotai Island has collaborated with BNI Syariah to facilitate buyers of Falila Loft Studio apartments. BNI Syariah provides an easy down payment for KPR (Home Ownership Credit) up to 10 percent with flat interest rates. The installment is Rp. 1.6 million per month with a tenor of 20 years.

Jababeka Morotai as the area manager offers apartment buyers an apartment rental system with a 85:15 profit sharing method. So when the apartment is not used, it will be managed by PT. Jababeka Morotai, and you have streaming revenue, another source of money from your main income that flows continuously.

For buyers who are willing to rent out their apartments when not in use, PT Jababeka Morotai provides a 24-day stay voucher for a year that can be used whenever you want. Jababeka Morotai not only sells apartments but also offers an apartment rental system to the buyer with a profit sharing method, 85:15 . For buyers / investors who agree, they have the right to be able to stay as many as 24 days a year or with a value of around Rp 12,000,000.

So, you can still occupy the apartment you bought whenever you want. When you are bored and need a vacation, you can directly contact the apartment manager that you will stay at the apartment.