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Serving a World Class Tourism

Morotai Island has the charm of a world-class tourism. As the island has the relics of World War II, it becomes a historical tourism destination. Morotai Island also has a magnificent beach and maritime with 24 diving spots and 5 exotic islands.

Morotai Island is located in North Maluku Islands, in the front line of Indonesia, where it faces the Pacific Ocean. The strategic location made the army forces of Allies and Japan fight over Morotai Island at the time of World War II. Consequently, Morotai Island keeps a lot of war relics – both in the ocean and on land, which makes Morotai even more appealing.

In Morotai Island, you may take a step back to the time of World War II, by going to places like General Mc Arthur Statue which was the location where he set up the strategy of taking Morotai away from Japan. From Morotai Island, they went to Japan to launch the atomic bomb to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You can also visit the Swadaya Museum of World War II to observe the weapons that were used during the war.

Morotai Island is also granted with miraculous natural and ocean beauty. White-sand beach, clear blue sea, you can find it in Morotai Island and the small island surrounding Morotai Island, including Dodola Island, Zum Zum Island and Ngele-ngele Island.

The island is a great choice for snorkeling and diving with 28 diving spots with its own beauty.

Diving in Morotai will feel as if we were going back to the war time of World War II. Under the sea, you will see the remains from Jeep Willys wreck, Bristol Beaufort combat plane that was used by the Allies, and various coral reefs and colorful fish. This is what makes Morotai Island deserve to be called as the world-class tourism destination. The Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, had even mentioned that Morotai Island becomes one of the 10 best tourist destinations in Indonesia.

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Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Morotai Island, as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) gives lots of benefits, including Temporary Stay Permit Card for foreigner buyers. Foreigner buyers can buy the properties without minimum standard by using their own name, and there are lots of other tax benefits and incentives.

Government of Indonesia has appointed Morotai Island to be a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in 2014 in accordance with the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 50 year 2014. This means that the government has chosen Morotai Island to be a priority tourism destination. Thus, investment and business sectors in Morotai Island will be supported through Government incentives.

Lots of incentives for foreigners can be found only in Morotai Island which are:

                   ●     Buying property without any minimum standard

                        Buying property (residential or land) with your own name

                        Corporate income tax deduction from 20% to 100% for 5 years to 25 years (for investors)

                        Exemption from Luxurious goods Value Added Tax (VAT)

                        Deduction of tax or regional retribution for 50% to 100%

                        Temporary Stay Permit for foreigners for 5 years and can be extended to 15 years

                        Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners who work in SEZ with a certain capital investment value

                         Pengurangan pajak/retribusi daerah sebesar 50% s/d 100%

     Permanent Stay Permit for elderly foreigners

     Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners who own a house or property in Tourism SEZ 

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One of 10 New Bali Destinations

In 2016, Indonesia’s Government chose Morotai Island as one of the ten “New Bali” which means the government will promote and build lots of facilities in Morotai Island to be the center of tourist and investors.

After appointing Morotai Island as the Special Economic Zone in 2014, in 2016, Morotai Island has also been appointed as one of the ten new prioritized tourism destination in Indonesia by becoming one of the 10 new Bali. This means that all the facilities will always try to spoil the tourist until Morotai Island can be a crowded tourism destination.

For instance, Morotai Island accessibility is being spurred to make it easier for tourists to come and visit Morotai Island. Domestic and International direct flight can now reach Morotai through Wings Air, and now Citilink is going to present a new route, which is a direct flight from Bali to Morotai Island. Hopefully, this new route will make it easier for the tourist who visit Bali to come and travel in Morotai Island.

Besides, by becoming the 10 New Bali, the government in both central and regional committed to promote Morotai Island domestically and internationally. Thus, business man or investors who open their business or buy the properties in Morotai Island, can reap huge profits in the coming years.

It is very possible in Morotai Special Economic Zone  which is still in developing phase, where the price of land and building are still relatively cheap. Besides, the support from government has always been helping Morotai Island to be successful. Imagine if Morotai Island has become a crowded tourism destination, the price of both land and building will rise for more than 100 percent.

Or at least, in short term, you may gain the benefit from the rising prices of land and building each year. This is the result of  annual festival that is conducted by the Morotai Island Regency, which is directed to attract tourist. There are lots of festivals including Morotai Festival, Cultural Festival, Coastal Village Festival, Dodola Island Festival, and World War II Trail Festival.

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Falila Loft Studio

Falila Loft Studio is a modern apartment with the area of 17.5 m2, minimalist design and strategic location. This apartment can be bought with only 180 million Rupiah.

The beauty of beaches will not be complete without a comfortable residence nearby. Therefore, we offer you Falila Loft Studio. An apartment with the area of 17.5 m2 which can be a place to stay or be bought through a profit sharing system.

In terms of design, this minimalist style apartment will make you comfortable to spend more time. So, you can make this apartment as a place to stay while on vacation, or as an additional monthly income.

The price of Falila Loft Studio is 180 million rupiah. For the first phase, there are 81 units of Falila Loft Studio Apartment and 50 percent of the units have been sold out!

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Down Payment for only 10 percent

PT. Jababeka Morotai as the developer of Morotai Island, has collaborated with BNI Syariah in order to create an easier payment for Falila Loft Studio apartment buyers. BNI Syariah offers facilities in term of House Down Payment Credit until 10 percent with flat interest. The installment is 1.6 million rupiah each month until 20 years.

Offering Profit Sharing Benefit

PT. Jababeka Morotai  offers the buyer an apartment rental management with a 50:50 profit sharing system. Thus, PT. Jababeka Morotai acts as an apartment management, and you will have streaming revenue, another streaming source of fund besides your main income.

The Privilege of Staying for 24 Days Each Year until 10 Years

For buyers who are willing to rent out their apartments, PT. Jababeka Morotai will give a staying voucher for 24 days for each year, which can be used whenever you want.

PT. Jababeka Morotai is not just selling the apartment, but also offering an apartment rental system to the buyer with a method of 50:50 profit sharing. For the buyers who agreed, they may gain the right to stay for 24 nights in a year which worth as 12 million rupiah.

Hence, the buyers will be able to stay in the apartment that you have bought whenever you want to. When you feel like you are bored, or you need a vacation so bad, you may directly contact the apartment management that you want to stay in the apartment.

Buying an Apartment with the Price of A Cup of Coffee

To pay the monthly installments of Falila Loft Studio apartment which worth 1.6 million rupiah is actually not a heavy thing. You only need to save up 50 thousand rupiah each day, through pruning daily consumption habits, such as drinking famous coffee franchises.

Many people think that they have no capability in investing property because the money they have are not enough. However, from their daily consumptive behaviour, we could see that they actually have the capability to. Yes, anyone can start investing in property if they are able to cut out their expense on daily consumptive goods, including the habit of drinking coffee from famous coffee franchises.

As an illustration, let’s assume that you have the habit of buying coffee before starting your day for fifty thousand rupiah, If this 50 thousand expense is multiplied by 30 days, then the total expense that you spend for a cup of coffee each month worth as much as 1.5 million rupiah.

On the other hand, the installment for the apartment for each month is only 1.6 million rupiah. What does it mean? It means that with the price of coffee for a month compared to the apartment installment, you actually have the capability to buy an apartment by house credit installment.

Not to mention if you successfully bring tourists to stay at your place, then besides the profit sharing method, you will also gain a referral bonus which can be used to pay your monthly installment. Especially if you can offer the apartment rentals to foreigners, then your market will be broad. The profit that you may gain each year will increase.

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Managed by a Credible Developer

Falila Loft Studio Apartment is developed and managed by PT. Jababeka Morotai, the subsidiary of PT. Jababeka Tbk, one of the well-known developer company in Indonesia.

Morotai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is built in an area as big as 1.101,76 ha by PT. Jababeka Morotai who acts as the developer of SEZ. PT. Jababeka Morotai is the subsidiary of PT. Jababeka Tbk which is one of the most well-known developer company in Indonesia and has built some cities in Indonesia, including Cikarang, Kendal and Tanjung Lesung. You do not need to worry about the credibility of the developer and you can invest freely as the area is being developed by a credible company and supported by the Government.

Not anywhere else

Only in Morotai Island that you can have a property at an affordable price, fair profit sharing, visa for foreigners and you can own a property by your name.

Property investment in Morotai has a very bright future. The support from the Government and the tourism in Morotai SEZ will be the guarantee of your money. A credible developer with the offer to have a fair 50:50 profit sharing makes Morotai Island the best destination for your investment with low risk and high return.

Moreover the prices of land in Morotai Island are still relatively cheap. As an illustration, the price of land in Morotai Island is only around 100 dollar/m, while the price of land in Bali cost around 1000 dollar/m. You will never imagine the profit you may gain if you start investing in Morotai today, and for the next 5 years, Morotai will be as famous as Bali. You will gain more than you can ever imagine.

For foreigner buyers, you are allowed to buy the property with your name, which can not be done anywhere else. The Stay Permit that you have will also be longer as SEZ will give the benefit of the stay permit to 5 years. You will only need to extend the permit card for once in 5 years by going to the SEZ Office in Morotai Island.

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A place for meeting and Family Gathering

If you invest in Falila LoftStudio Apartment, you will have the Building Rights for 80 years. With this long period of time, you will be able to do lots of activities in your apartment, starting from gathering with friends or family or even meeting.

For the buyer of Falila Loft Studio Apartment, you will have the Building Rights for 80 years with your own name. In other apartments, you will have only 50 years of Building Rights. With this long period of rights, your apartment can be used for family, friends and business partners to gather.


“I went to Morotai Island with three of my friends. We played drone there, swimming and free diving. I am reallly excited. It is because I am the type of person who wants to travel in lots of tourism spots. As a content maker, Dodola Island is the best spot for creating my content. Everything is beyond my expectation and I want to spend a longer time there.” – Parawismari, Traveler from Palembang.

“I have traveled to Morotai for two times now. I love going to Morotai Island because of its beautiful islands, magnificent white sand and clear ocean. I can even see the coral reefs below the water.” – Yasuyuki Yamamoto, a traveler from Japan.


We will give the bonus of Full Furnished Apartment

With a lottery of 1 car and 3 motorcycle

For the first 50 buyers of Falila Loft Studio

Fifty percent (50%) of the total units have been sold out at the moment!


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