Staying at Morotai Island? D’Aloha Resort is the Right Choice!

ENJOY the “elegance” of Morotai Island will certainly not be satisfied if we don’t stay there. Beautiful sunset in the morning to be the moment of the most eagerly awaited for the millennial generation and z Amendment traveling.
There are many lodging options on Morotai Island, but one of the resorts that can be selected is the D’Aloha Resort. The reason is, this resort has a location on the shoreline, so that tourists do not need to walk far if you want to swim or dive to enjoy the beauty of the marine life inside.


Yunizar, Manager of D Aloha Resort PT. Jababeka Morotai Tbk said that D’Aloha Resort was opened to the public at the beginning of 2013. Having an area of ā€‹ā€‹4.5 hectares, the resort has 25 units of cottage.
“Of the 25 cottages , one of them is used for facilities day center while the remaining 24 are divided into 3 types, 2 types are premium, namely type 2 rooms, then there is another type of deluxe with one room or studio type,” said Nizar.
Interestingly, Nizar said that the whole concept of the resort building was inspired by traditional houses. “We take it from the Tomohon traditional house, so the concept is wood with a semi-stage house concept,” added Nizar.
Then what will be enjoyed by tourists if staying at D’aloha Resort?
Tourists can jog on the beach, swim and also do diving or scuba diving. There are three locations diving very interesting there, including Matita Island – where we can swim with black betel sharks in it, Kakoa Island and Dodola Island – an iconic destination on Morotai Island.
Do not stop here, every spot on D’Aloha Resort is very instragamable. For example the spot in front of the resort, if you stand in the morning, you will see a beautiful beach view. To be able to feel it, you only need to get up early in order to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Do you want to enjoy the view with breakfast sauce? That also works.
D’aloha Resort is an inn that was built by PT Jababeka Morotai who is the developer of the Morotai Tourism SEZ. This resort is a 3 star resort and has quite complete facilities.
One of them is preparing a tour package on the island of Morotai which is affordable for the traveler. In this tour package, D’Aloha Resort will pick up and drop off tourists at the airport, provide accommodation, meals, and guides with price per person starting from Rp. 2,800,000, for 3 days and 2 nights.


Consisting of 25 cottages, this resort also provides Deluxe type lodging with 1 bedroom or studio type at a rental price of Rp. 847,000 per night. As for the type of premium 2 bedroom priced at Rp 1,089,000 per night.
“Our location is that from the morotai airport it is only 10 minutes by car, so its location in south morotai so from the airport it continues 10 minutes if we want to go to the city center, namely Daruba, only 10 minutes too. So our position is on the cape, the southernmost of the island morotai, his name is Tanjung Dehegila, “concluded Nizar.