In addition to being a tourism-specific economic area, Morotai is currently also being developed by Jababeka to become a logistics hub for Eastern Indonesia. The logistics hub concept for East Indonesia was developed by Jababeka seeing the fact that western Indonesia has developed one of them due to the existence of Singapore which is the logistics hub between ASEAN countries and western Indonesia.

The position of Morotai Island, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, North Halmahera, Eastern Indonesia, makes Morotai Island a very potential location to be realized as a hub for developing Eastern Indonesia.

Supported by Jababeka’s capability in managing industrial estates and the support of the Indonesian government with the appointment of Morotai Island as a special economic zone, Jababeka has stepped up the steps to realize Morotai as a hub that connects ASEAN countries to the Indonesian market so that investment in Morotai becomes very promising in the future At present, property prices in Morotai are much cheaper than other similar tourist areas and are expected to soon rise to close to similar areas.


Square Kilometers


of Forest Area


Kilometers North-South


Kilometers Wide


Square kilometers area suitable for indusrty

Land Price Comparison

Investment opportunities in the form of land ownership, residential, commercial, industrial and joint venture investment cooperation for the construction of other supporting facilities are available.

LOFT Studio

Loft Studio is the first property developed by Jababeka Morotai. With an area of 17,5 m2 full furnished and will be operated as a hotel with the concept of profit sharing. Located at a very strategic SEZ location, only 20 minutes from Pitu Airport (in the development stage to become an international airport which will be operated in 2019), this investment is very attractive because it can be traded to foreigners.

A special unit with a promotional price of only around 12,628 USD – Fully Furnished – limited amount – specifically for hard cash.
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Falila Residence is a minimalist housing developed by PT. Jababeka Morotai. Built on a land area of 120m2 with a building area of 36m2, this homestay is the right choice for those looking for comfortable and affordable housing. Homestay Falila Residence has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, and offers an attractive price of only 155 million. The location of this homestay is very strategic, located in a Special Economic Zone and located close to Pitu Morotai Airport. Falila Residence Homestay was built to support the construction of a new independent city in KEK Morotai. If you are interested in buying this homestay, the purchase can be done with hard cash, cash gradually and mortgages.

A special unit with a promotional price of only around 10,874 USD – Fully Furnished – limited amount – specifically for hard cash.
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There is a Pitu airport which is currently in the process of being developed into an international airport with a final target of 2019


There is a port that is ready to transport goods and passengers


Clean water are available


The largest solar power plant in Indonesia has been operated and is currently in the process of building a Power and Natural Gas Power Plant


Telecommunication are currently provided by Telkomsel, the best cellular operator in Indonesia


In addition to areal security, there are also police, navy and air forces who are ready to protect Morotai's security


Government has prepared road infrastructure with good quality and is ready to be used to drive the economy



For educational facilities various levels of education have been available from elementary school to university. The University of Pacific has graduates from various departments who can be a source of labor namely Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Civil Engineering, English Language Education, Marine Sciences


For housing, Jababeka has provided low-cost housing with subsidies from the government that can be used for employee residences.


Several national and local banks are available such as Bank BRI, BNI, Danamon and Bank Maluku


Hotels are available ranging from jasmine classes to cottages and villas built by Jababeka together with investors who are ready to support personal and business guests.


Government hospitals are available that are ready to serve the health of the community and workers


With the government’s program on the same fuel prices throughout Indonesia, the availability and price of fuel is not a problem anymore.


Untuk pengiriman paket ke seluruh dunia, telah tersedia Kantor Pos IndonesiaFor shipping packages worldwide, the Indonesian Post Office is available


Public transportation facilities such as buses and private taxis are also available


Minimarket and local market are also available


Football field, volleyball court, swimming pool, 36 holes Golf course are available