The Pade Hotel & Resort Group Expands Business to Morotai SEZ

The Pade Hotel & Resort Group expanded its business to Morotai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) located on Morotai Island- North Maluku Province. This followed the land purchase that had been made between The Pade Hotel & Resort Group and a subsidiary of PT Jababeka Tbk, namely Jababeka Morotai as the management and developer of Morotai SEZ.

The Pade Hotel & Resort Group is one of the leading hotel groups operating in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) province. Currently The Pade Hotel & Resort Group has two development areas, namely in Banda Aceh which is a Boutique Hotel where it offers the ease of staying for vacation and business with complete facilities. Starting from meeting rooms, conferences, gyms, spas, international standard swimming pools, and restaurants with varied food menus – both local and international. The second location is The Pade Resort located in Sabang City, right on the shores of the beautiful Andaman Sea and surrounded by interesting spots for the hospital. This resort is also famous for its complete facilities, especially for diving needs. Starting from the ship’s facilities, diving equipment, to experienced guides.

The hotel development plan will be in the area of Tanjung Dehegila – Morotai SEZ. The Pade Hotel & Resort Group will build star resorts and hotels on an international scale.

Furthermore, the development of the Pade Hotel in Morotai SEZ will lead to a fusion of the two previous hotel and resort developments located in NAD, namely for business and leisure, especially diving and surfing.

Then, The Pade Hotel & Resort Group will make complete facilities that pamper tourists. Starting from complete MICE facilities, such as meeting rooms and supporting tools to organize events, complete diving facilities, and interesting diving spots to visit, such as rocks, ships and vehicles relics of World War II and natural beauty in small islands around Morotai Island.

According to Basuri Tjahaja Purnama as President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai, with the joining of The Pade Hotel & Resort Group to Morotai SEZ on Morotai Island, it will accelerate the development of Morotai Island together with investors who have joined, namely RCI Group from Taiwan – which will build hotels and resorts, theme parks & housing with the concept of castles as well as shopping centers and commercial buildings.

“Currently, two resorts have been built in the Tanjung Dehegila area to meet the holiday needs of tourists, namely D’Aloha Resort & Marahai Resort,” explained Basuri, at Batavia Tower- Jakarta, recently.

Meanwhile, according to Surya Adiwijaya Soepono as Founder & Chairman of The Pade Group, the reason The Pade Hotel & Resort Group is interested in expanding its business to Morotai SEZ, because of the presence of central and regional government support located in its status as a Special Economic Zone. This is indicated by the ease of licensing through one stop service facilities and various incentives such as tax holiday or tax allowance (corporate income tax reduction) for up to 20 years, free Value Added Tax (VAT), free import duties, and other non-fiscal benefits.

In addition, he added, also to realize the vision of The Pade’s mission called to help advance the potential of local tourism in areas that have not been explored optimally, while also helping to improve the competence of the sons and daughters of areas where property operates.