Polish Ambassador Amazed by the Beauty of Morotai Island

MOROTAI ISLAND in Halmahera-North Maluku has been known as an island that has a Special Economic Zone  often visited by investors or various parties because of the prospective business in Morotai SEZ.

One of them, most recently, was His Excellency Beata Stoczyńska  as Ambassador of Poland. For seven days from November 21 to November 26, 2021, His Excellency Stoczyńska made a working visit to see potential business opportunities in Morotai SEZ that could be “worked on” by Polish entrepreneurs, especially in the fields of energy, environment, trade, tourism and education.

In a visit accompanied by her husband and Michal Weglarz as a representative of the Political and Economic Attaché of the Polish Embassy, Her Excellency Stoczyńska along with the entourage of Polish ambassadors took the time to meet and discuss with the morotai district government regarding business licensing and local government support for Polish investors interested in investing in Morotai.

Then, the manager and developer of the Morotai Special Economic Zone invited to invite dinner at D’Aloha Resort Restaurant with dishes originating from the waters around Morotai, namely fresh seafood and tuna sashimi. Led by Susan Wijaya as General Manager of PT. Jababeka Morotai, several things that became a topic of discussion at the dinner, namely the potential for cooperation in the fields of energy, fisheries, tourism and education.

“Our chat, just a casual chat about the potential that Morotai SEZ has, namely in the fields of energy, fisheries, and tourism, which we hope is clearly illustrated in the visit of His Excellency Mrs. Stoczyńska,” susan explained.

Meanwhile, His Excellency Stoczyńska said that her visit to Morotai was an invitation from Basuri Tjahaja Purnama as President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai in a meeting at the Polish Embassy office in Jakarta, some time ago.

Invite a group of hopping island ambassadors

Not to forget, the management of KEK Morotai also invited the polish ambassador’s entourage to do hopping island. The goal, so that they can witness with their own eyes the beauty of the small islands around Morotai Island.

For example, Pasir Timbul Island, an island that only arises when sea level recedes with smooth white sand beaches, and clear sea water as clear as crystal, and tourists can lie relaxed at sea level because it has high salt levels.

After that, the group was taken to Kokoya Island which is an uninhabited empty island. All the ambassadors’ entourage seemed amazed because when they came to Kokoya Island bak was on a private island. “And all around them is just white sand and beautiful coral reefs,” susan explained.

Then, the group also stopped near Dodola Island and did snorkeling. Here, His Excellency Stoczyńska can no longer cover her admiration for the underwater beauty of Morotai Island. Coral corals of various colors and various types of fish that only exist in the sea of Eastern Indonesia make him fall in love with Morotai.

“Wow, it’s like in Heaven,” he said several times.

His Excellency Stoczyńska said that she really enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery around Dodola Island and was grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy the charm of morotai underwater beauty. Moreover, the atmosphere on the quiet island of Dodola, making The body of Her Majesty Stoczyńska so relaxed.

Closing hopping island on Morotai Island, His Excellency Stoczyńska and his entourage visited Zum-zum Island which is also called McArthur Island. Why is that? Because on Zum-zum Island is the hideout of General McArthur, the leader of allied army forces in World War II against the Japanese. General Mc Arthur is known for his “I shall return” and is evidenced by returning to Morotai and winning the battle against the Japanese.

His Excellency Stoczyńska also really enjoyed the relics of World War II historical items by looking directly at the trails on Morotai Island that can easily be seen along the Morotai islands and World War II museums.

Promise to return to Morotai Island

At the end of the day, Stoczyńska said she would return for a holiday and stay longer to dive with black fin sharks and dive to see shipwrecks, warships and jeeps left over from World War II on the seabed.

In addition, His Excellency Stoczyńska explained that she had enough to understand the potential of Morotai SEZ– one of the subsidiaries of PT Jababeka Tbk. Starting from tourism, logistics to the fishing industry. He said he would convey the potential of Morotai SEZ to friendly countries in Europe and entrepreneurs in Poland.