Jababeka Morotai Together with Ocean Mitramas and Indo Numfor Pacific to Form Consortium for Developing Fishing Industry in Morotai Island

PT Jababeka Tbk, through one of its subsidiaries, PT Jababeka Morotai together with PT Ocean Mitramas and PT Indo Numfor Pacific agrees to form a fishing consortium to develop fishing industry in the Special Economic Zone of Morotai, Morotai Island, North Maluku Province.

The Cooperation Agreement is signed by Basuri Tjahaja Purnama as the President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai, Setiawan Mardjuki as the Director of PT Jababeka Morotai, together with Julius Dharma Liman as the President Director of PT Ocean Mitramas and Rino Febrian as the Director of Indo Numfor Pacific at Menara Batavia – Central Jakarta, Tuesday (17/05/2022).

On the same occasion, the fishing consortium also agrees to support and compliant to the government measured fishing policy. The consortium realizes that measured fishing policy is necessary for ecological balance to maintain the health of the sea.

After the signing of this cooperation agreement, Jababeka Morotai together with Ocean Mitramas and Indo Numfor Pacific promptly visited Morotai SEZ, in order to complete all the preparation necessary so that the project can be started as soon as possible.

Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, the President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai, warmly welcomes the consortium cooperation and hopes that this will be a successful collaboration, considering Morotai Island has an incredible potential for fishery. According to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, potential from the fishery resources is around 68.5 thousand tons per year, while its production output is only around 6.272 tons per year. It means that fishery productivity in Morotai Island is still relatively low.

“We are committed to further developing Morotai Island, and the forming of this consortium is one of our efforts to develop the fishing industry and also to improve the welfare of the Morotai community,” Basuri explained, after the signing ceremony.

Similar remark is also conveyed by Julius Dharma Liman as the President Director of PT Ocean Mitramas. He is happy to take part of the consortium and believes that this cooperation will be successful, which will bring a positive impact toward all parties.

Meanwhile, Rino Febrian, the Director of PT Indo Numfor Pacific stated that their party is well prepared to provide all things needed to immediately execute the project.

“We are ready to provide everything that is needed. We hope this cooperation can go smoothly and the project can start immediately in 2022,” said Rino.