Jababeka Morotai – Lanal Morotai Raises Flag Under the Sea With Tame Sharks

Celebrating the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Jababeka Morotai as the developer and manager of the Morotai Special Economic Zone (SEZ) together with the Morotai Sea Base (Lanal) carried out flag raising under the sea which was carried out in 77 spots throughout Indonesia. The flag-raising ceremony under the sea was carried out at a diving spot called Mitita Shark Point at a depth of 18 meters below sea level, last Wednesday (17/8), on Mitita Island, Morotai Island.

For your information, the Mitita Shark Point diving spot on Morotai Island is one of the strong attractions that makes local and foreign tourists come so that it’s included in the list of 10 New Balis by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. In these diving spots, divers can swim with blacktip sharks or blackfin sharks that are known to be tame with clear sea water.

The raising of the red and white flag went safely and successfully. Susan Wijaya as General Manager of Jababeka Morotai explained that there were 34 divers from various agencies, namely the Morotai lanal diving team, the Polairud diving team, the Basarnas diving team, the POSSI diving team and Jababeka Morotai.

“Our goal is to participate, nothing other than to enliven the 77th independence day of the Republic of Indonesia. And thank God it went smoothly,” explained Susan, at the Batavia Tower, Jakarta, Thursday (18/8/2022).

In addition, Susan added, Jababeka Morotai – one of the subsidiaries of PT Jababeka Tbk – wants to also contribute to society and the environment, especially preserving the sea.

“As directed by Mr. Kasal, Admiral of the TNI Yudo Margono, to maintain synergy and foster a sense of community with agencies with the community and maintain the sustainability of the sea, we want to also be involved in maintaining the sustainability of the sea,” he explained.

Not to forget, Susan expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the Navy and Commander of the Navy Base Morotai Lt. Col. (P) Amin Wibowo, S.T who provided the opportunity to contribute and synergize in raising the red and white flag under the sea.

“Hopefully this activity can become an annual activity,” hoped Susan.