Pulau Dodola, Destinasi Ikonik Wisata di Pulau Morotai

Dodola Island, the Iconic Destination of Morotai Island

For those who love going to the beach and do an activity such as diving or snorkeling, Morotai Island is definitely on top of the list that you must visit. Morotai has several beautiful islands and one of the recommended is Dodola Island, because of the reputation many times people dubbed it as Pulau Surga (Paradise Island), it has beautiful white sands beaches and unique diving spots.

The iconic destination of Morotai Island

Morotai Island is surrounded by 33 small islands, 7 out of it are inhabited islands, such as Kolorai Island, Ngele-Ngele Island, Golo-Golo Island, Rao Island, Saminyamau Island and including Dodola Island. The island of Dodola has white sands path connecting with Dodola Besar Island. Unique thing about it is that the path frequently will sink down during high tide. 

When the sun has gone up the beauty of Dodola Island will be seen when seawater is receding the white sand will be stretched out in front of the eyes. At that time you will see there are embossed sands forming a walking path connecting from the island of Dodola Besar to the island of Dodola Kecil.


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Approximately 500 meters long is the distance from Dodola Kecil Island to Dodola Besar Island which you can enjoy from 10 am until 7 pm. You can also swim there because on the edge of the island is quite shallow. With the charm of beauty, it is not surprising that Dodola becomes one the iconic spot destination of Morotai Island.

Paramiswari Iskandar with nickname Kiting she’s a traveler from Palembang – felt, Dodola’s Beach beauty makes her amazed and linger over other islands. She told us that she spent 4-5 hours on Dodola Island, starting from noon until Sunset arrives. Clearwater, white sand, various coral reefs, and a variety of colorful fish make his feel at home.


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“I came with my three friends. We play drones, swimming, and freediving. I am so glad. Because if I travel, I’d prefer to visit a location that has many tourist spots. As a content maker, Dodola Island is a great spot to make a lot of content. Everything suits my expectations and makes me feel at home, “ – said Kiting.

According to Paramiswari, a trip to Morotai Island will not be enough if we only come for a day. Travelers have to stay for several days if you want to explore the whole beauty in Morotai Island

“2015 was the first time I’ve come to Morotai Island, it’s just for a day. We just strolled around the island. Have no time for diving or any other activities. So I came back in 2018 and stayed for a week to explore more spots including Dodola” recalls Paramiswari.


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Island with historical value

The historical values of Dodola Island. Yes indeed, the island of Dodola is also a historic site of World War II. Because the island used to become one of the war hotspot between Allied forces (United States-Australia) and Japan. Thus, many war remnants found were on the island and even an airplane wreckage on the seabed covered by corals. Therefore, Dodola island has also became one of the most famous scuba diving Indonesia.

“One of the spots you can try is Wawama Wreck Dive Point which is located in Wawama South Morotai. This is also another World War II hotspot. From the beach, you only need to walk 100 meters to see the remnants of the war between the Allied forces and Japan, “said Yunizar, manager D Aloha Resort/PT. Jababeka Morotai TBK, as a developer of the tourism area Morotai Island, contacted by telephone line, recently.

As you dive in 25 meters depth, you will see the wrecks of Jeep Willys combat vehicles, even the engine of the car still attached there completely with the tires & steering wheel!

“Moving to the other spots at 40 meters in depth, the scene will be filled with the wrecks of bomber airplane used by the allied during World War II, Bristol Beaufort. Size of this bomber airplane is huge and many divers were amazed when their eyes gazed at it”, explained by one of the D’aloha Resort tour guides.

Tracing the rest of World War II

“Numerous of the war remaining were leaves scattered on the Morotai Island. Due to its strategic position, Morotai Island is a scramble between the Sekutu (Allies /America-Australia) with Japan in the year 1942. In fact, many people don’t know that Morotai Island is the site where the strike airplane that carried nuclear bombs took off from Morotai to Nagasaki and Hiroshima,” – Nizar said.

Nizar added that the rest of the World War II wars make diving spots in Morotai unique and comparable with other famous diving spots in Indonesia, such as scuba diving Bali. Diving at Morotai you will not only find beautiful underwater landscapes, but also discover the remnants of World War II.

Paramiswari herself knows that Dodola Island has a unique charm of sea beauty. Unfortunately, women who also love to ride this mountain claimed to have not had a chance to try the diving spot – taken out redundant

“During my visit in 2018, I know there are plenty of leftovers of warships like Jeep cars, tanks, caves, and also under the Sea of Morotai Island. I was diving to Mitita Island – which we can swim with sharks – and play and chilling at Air Terjun Raja unfortunately had no time to try Dodola Diving Spot. I want to go back to Morotai Island, for sure, “said Kiting.

Nizar suggests, ideally tourists should stay at least 3 days 2 nights to stay. The D’aloha Resort has affordable tour packages around Morotai for the tourists. We will pick-up & drop from the airport to the hotel including meals and tour guides.

“Price per Pax starting from Rp 2.800.000,- for 3 days 2 nights. Of course the bigger the group bigger the discount you can get. For inquiry you can please kindly contact +6281299000560 or +6281298234817 for more info. You also can check our website https://www.jababekamorotai.com/dodola-island for itinerary samples.” – said Nizar.