Jababeka Morotai Appreciates the Infrastructure Improvement in Morotai Tourism Area

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) supports the infrastructure program of the tourism area in Morotai through the development of water infrastructure and road access. Hopefully, infrastructure improvements can help boosting the amount of local and international tourist visitors and help Morotai Island to be the center of logistics in the Asian region.

As known, Morotai Island is one of the tourist destinations which is included in the program of 10 New Bali because of the potential natural resources of marine and cultural richness. The tourist attractions are usually offered, including Dodola Beach, Zum Zum Island, and Trikora Museum.

To increase the connectivity among tourism destinations in the island, The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has completed the road quality improvement, construction of new roads, and bridge construction on The Morotai Ring Road Section of 201.89 Km long constructed in 2019 with a budget of Rp 273.86 billion. The construction of Morotai Ring Road is one of the National Strategic Programs (PSN) referred to Presidential regulation No. 56 the year of 2018.

Basuki Hadimuljono, Minister of House work and Public Housing said, the increase of accessibility and network connectivity of road infrastructure provides tourists smoothness, safety, security, and convenience during traveling to tourism sites in Morotai.

“Better road access will support the economic growth for people living in the tourism area,” said Minister Basuki, Tuesday (18/2/2020).

Responding to that, Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, President Director of PT. Jababeka Morotai as a manager of the Morotai Special Economic Zone said that if the accessibility of the road to Morotai SEZ is well connected, it gives satisfaction to tourists because the traveling time to Morotai SEZ will be faster, hence, the more destinations they can visit.

“Or it will be more convenient for them to enjoy a tourist destination in Morotai as well. Because they feel like they are not in a rush to get to many destinations while visiting Morotai SEZ, “he said.

Basuri added that strengthening connectivity is also very effective to create Morotai SEZ as the logistic center in eastern Indonesia. This is due to the status of Morotai SEZ, which is included as industrial special economic zones. The location of Morotai Island is very strategic which is in a locus of inter-state and intercontinental trade lines.

Geographically Morotai Island is directly facing the Pacific Ocean, a gateway to America, Australia, New Zealand, and close to China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Those countries have a relatively high trend in economic growth.

“To develop Morotai Island as the logistic center, we have made a master plan for port development. And with the increase of connectivity, it will give a great opportunity for Morotai Island to be the trade center (boat crossing port) in the Asia-Pacific and Logistic Hub di Asia region,” said Basuri.

The improvement of infrastructure road in Morotai, conducted by the Ministry of Housework and Public Housing through the Directorate General Bina Marga, is divided into several works, including the construction of the new road of the Sofi-Wayabula section of 6 Km, at a cost of Rp 32 billion, Road preservation on the city limits of Daruba-Daeo/Sangowo-Bere Bere-Sofi-Daruba – Wayabula for 195.29 Km, at a cost of Rp 10.43 billion.

Furthermore, the construction and replacement of 6 bridges with a cost of Rp 231.43 billion consisting of Bere Bere-Sofi section with length of 152 meters and 7 meters, the Sofi-Wayabula 1 with the length of 125.80 meters, the Sofi-Wayabula 2 with the length of 100 meters, Sofi-Wayabula 3 with the length of 87 meters, and the Sofi-Wayabula 4 with the length of 125 meters. The whole physical work of the construction of Morotai Road is now completed 100%. (QN)